"King of My Heart" Has Arrived

Now available on my online store, King of My Heart: 9 studio recordings of my original worship songs and a bonus track, "Looking for You," a song about solidarity and community.

I graduated from college to immediately direct music and liturgy at my home parish in the Chicago land area. I left that work to pursue a calling to itinerant ministry with contemporary Christian music, but my love of contributing to Catholic liturgical worship never waned. So, I’ve circled back with this project. This is a collection of my liturgical works published by Oregon Catholic Press, spiritandsong.com®, and my own JesusGlue Ministries, Inc. The title track, “King of My Heart,” is my first worship chorus composed during a time of devotion in a reservation chapel many years ago. As a tribute to the liturgy, the song order for King of My Heart follows the order of the Mass: Gathering, Responsorial, Gospel Acclamation, Presentation, Communion, Meditation and Sending. Some songs can be multi-purposed depending on tempo and interpretation. I’ve included suggestions in their credits on other places those songs can fit.

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