1. Come to Us

From the recording Eyes on the Cross

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Verse 1
Scattered and broken, bent in our way
We are your people, gathered to praise you
A vineyard uprooted, narrow in sight
Come Lord of Glory! Come Lord of Light!
Come to us, O Lord of Glory, and shine in our hearts

Come to us, O Lord of Glory, and make us anew
Lord, we wait for you; Lord, we wait for you
Lord we wait for you, come Lord of Glory

Verse 2
Come Lord our dayspring, come from on high
As we your people, gather to praise you
Unworthy to taste from your heavenly vine
But your word will heal us; come light divine!

Verse 3
Come Root of Jesse, come David's son
Come Star of Morning, we come to praise you
Hope of creation, of all humankind
Reign over body, spirit and mind

Text © 2010, Greg and Mary Walton. Music © 2010, Greg Walton. Published by Spirit & Song®, a division of OCP. All rights reserved.